PoolPro30Under40 ShainaWan
PoolPro30Under40 ShainaWan

Shaina Wan

36 | Strategic vendor partnerships manager | United Aqua Group

PoolPro30Under40 ShainaWan
Las Vegas
Strategic vendor partnerships manager

Coming from the hotel and leisure industry where she specialized in operations and business management, Shaina Wan was hired by United Aqua Group in June 2017. “I remember learning about UAG’s values during my interview — family, innovation, service excellence, accountability and quality — and I knew that I had found my home,” she says. “I am a firm believer that a strong company culture lives and thrives by its values.”

Initially, the projects Wan worked on for UAG focused on supplier-submitted data and how it’s displayed to member owners (UAG’s title for dealers) across the company’s numerous websites and platforms. She went on to create the procurement department, where she moved the focus from onboarding new suppliers to developing relationships with current suppliers that are strategically aligned with UAG’s mission to increase value and profitability.

Last year, Wan was promoted to lead the strategic vendors partnership department. She has helped upgrade the company’s systems and roll out new websites, training staff to utilize the tools, as well as defined and prioritized high-value projects with a high output. She is proud of her recent search-optimization sessions with suppliers, which resulted in data mapping and algorithms that enhance ordering experiences and increase sales.

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Wan says she is fascinated by technology and is passionate about business management, project execution, operational development and process mapping. She looks forward to taking the industry to the next level and is excited how UAG has “embraced change.”

She is also passionate about the pool industry. “It’s a community,” she says. “Once you’re in, the connections and relationships made are everything. Our word is our bond. No other industry has the collaboration and fellowship like ours. I am proud to be a part of it. My future looks bright as a part of this company’s legacy. I am championing for those that are deserving along the way.”

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