Beau DeRohan

35 | Owner | Great White Pool and Spa | Boise, Idaho

Beau DeRohan

Great White Pool and Spa
Boise, Idaho

Beau DeRohan’s pool industry career began 18 years ago when his mom bought a hot tub. The company she’d purchased it from needed extra help, and DeRohan was paired with an experienced technician to learn the ropes. Over six years, DeRohan learned plumbing, electrical, pumps, filters and heaters. When that technician started his own company, DeRohan was promoted and received a helper of his own. In 2015, DeRohan started Great White Pool and Spa.

In his first season, DeRohan was servicing 30 to 40 pools; now he has over 300 clients and hopes to be building pools within the next couple of years.

“I truly believe in controlled growth,” DeRohan says. “In my years doing pool service, I have seen what happens when companies expand too quickly. Usually the level of service suffers, leading to unhappy customers. Growth is a part of every business, but doing it in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the level of service is key.”

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