Season Gower

37 | Remodeling General Manager | Shasta Pools

Season Gower
Remodeling General Manager

Season Gower has spent 20 years in the pool industry, starting as a receptionist for the remodeling division at Shasta Pools. “I continued my education outside and inside the industry to get to where I am today,” Gower says. 

Now the general manager of the remodeling division, Gower says her favorite part of the industry is that it’s always changing. “What is trendy and high tech right now will most certainly not be the case in two years,” she says. “It’s always exciting, and the growth has endless possibilities.”

Growth is particularity endless on the remodeling side of the industry, Gower says. “There are hundreds of thousands of pools in my market that will eventually need to be remodeled,” she says. “I want to create a wonderful and fun experience for those clients from start to finish.”

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