Daniella Rodriguez

27 | Sales and design director | Element Pool Company

San Antonio, Texas
Sales and design director

When Daniella Rodriguez was dating her husband, JC, in 2016, she saw how passionate he was about the pool industry. He worked for his father’s company, Silver Springs Pools — and would stretch himself thin. Rodriguez was working as an esthetician but in her free time learned to use Pool Studio to help JC.

“My passion for the pool industry grew,” she says. “I made the decision to leave my career for the pool industry because I felt I had so much potential there, especially [working alongside] my husband.”

Rodriguez accepted a job at Silver Springs Pools, too, and strived to learn. When a position would open up — no matter the department — she would apply, learning the permitting process, construction plans, warranties, equipment ordering, financing and job site supervision.

In 2017, Daniella and JC started Element Pool Company. She hopes the company will see sustainable growth and aims to create a company culture where employees feel like family. “At the end of the day,” she says, “we truly need our employees to grow.”

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Rodriguez also wants to be an advocate for the company’s clients. “I love bringing joy and a means of gathering to families all over Texas,” she says. “I want to get to a point where our brand recognition and relationship allows the customer to feel comfortable and trusting throughout the process.”

Daniella Rodriguez’s Mentor

JC Rodriguez
Owner, Element Pool Company

“JC has helped me from the beginning,” Daniella Rodriguez says of her husband. “He has encouraged me and pushed me when I felt the industry was male dominated and I couldn’t make a name for myself. He encouraged me to make myself known, and continue to work hard for myself and other women in male-dominated industries.”

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