PP19 5 Web Feature30MikeLeone
PP19 5 Web Feature30MikeLeone

Mike Leone

28 | Owner | Pool Office Manager

Mike Leone

Pool Office Manager

During high school, Mike Leone worked for a neighbor’s service company in Cleveland, Ohio, riding along with a senior technician. He started his own service company in 2011, and when an established company in the area went out of business, Leone’s business grew rapidly. “Overwhelmed with customers and employees, I began searching for a software to help save me time,” Leone says. It was 2014, and he wasn’t happy with the options he found — so he recruited some software developers and began creating Pool Office Manager.

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Leone still owns his service company but now focuses on the distribution of the software, which is in more than 30 states with more than 600 technician users. “Now I can assist other companies in removing the inefficiencies from their business while continuously improving Pool Office Manager for our users,” Leone says.

In addition to exhibiting his software, Leone also teaches seminars at industry trade shows on improving business efficiency and streamlining operations. “I believe increasing efficiency and business capacity will lead to improving the life and profits for fellow pool company owners and operators,” he says, adding that he wants to enable hard working companies to get through seasonal swings while maintaining their sanity and relationships.

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