Johan Temple
Johan Temple

Johan Temple

27 | Plaster manager | Tempool Inc.

Johan Temple
Plaster manager

Johan Temple, 27

Johan Temple started in the pool industry as an apprentice, working alongside his father — Jon Temple, owner of Tempool Inc. — and learning the intricacies of the trade. He swiftly progressed, running crews by age 18. His career took him to Europe with Magic Marcite, undertaking challenging commercial plastering projects.

In 2020, Temple embarked on a unique adventure, traveling to India for a year to construct skateparks with hand-mixed concrete — an experience that expanded his horizons and solidified his joy of working with materials. He was able to adapt and excel in that diverse environments.

Temple returned to pool plastering as a manager, overseeing four plaster crews. His commitment to excellence took him across the U.S., from Utah to Texas, working on large-scale commercial projects alongside partner companies he had cultivated relationships with.

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Temple’s favorite aspect of the pool industry is its ability to foster connections. Recognizing the value of social media, he says, “It’s easier than ever to talk, share photos and stories and laugh about our current jobs.”

Temple envisions becoming an industry leader not only in his hometown but on a global scale. He participates in teaching with Tempool and Watershape University, aiming to share his knowledge and inspire more young people to join the trade. He is passionate about the interconnectedness of the industry across the globe and leverages his love for skateboarding to introduce youth to the profession — he learned to skateboard in empty pools, and he now skateboards in every city he visits.

He hopes to be part of a pool industry evolution: “Changing the mindset of how everything ‘used’ to be done,” he says. “I would like to be remembered as being the [driving] force of the new industry. I want change for us all but for the better — not [by] pushing anyone out but [by bringing] people together and sharing ideas that make the jobs easier, less stressful and more profitable.”

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