Jacob Grozier
Jacob Grozier

Jacob Grozier

35 | Owner | Swordfish Pool Care Inc.

Jacob Grozier, 35

In the scorching summer of 2009, Jacob Grozier joined the pool industry, seeking an escape from the confines of restaurants and bars.

“As a beach bum, the brutal south Florida summer heat did little to dissuade my love of working outdoors and having flexible hours so I could chase waves and the band Widespread Panic,” he says. Little did he know this decision would shape his future in ways he couldn’t have imagined.

Starting as a pool technician, Grozier had a predilection for the job, thriving in the outdoor environment. At the end of his first summer, he was the last new hire standing, earning a full-time position.

Over the years, he gained invaluable experience while working for different companies. But he wanted to do things on his own terms, so he started Swordfish Pool Care.

“I went out on my own with 30 pools and a prayer to the universe that I would succeed,” he recalls.

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After gaining traction in Palm Beach County and adding several new accounts, Grozier suffered a serious foot injury. Yet, he refused to quit.

“I missed [just] three hours of work,” he says. “I declined surgery and worked four months on a peg leg. Eventually, my hard work and stubbornness paid off.” Six years later, his company boasts approximately 400 accounts, six full-time routes and an office manager.

Grozier’s favorite part of working in the pool industry is the transformation he can bring to pools — turning them from green nightmares into pristine, inviting oases.

He also loves being a helping hand for his service technicians. “Managing employees can be challenging, but I really like my current group and see a lot of potential for growth,” he says. “This is just the beginning of my company.”

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