Max Filho

30 | Owner | Fort Pools

While getting his engineering degree in Brazil, Max Filho worked at engineering firms specializing in tall buildings and shopping malls. “That experience made me understand a lot about how a construction company works,” Filho says.

He went to work for his father, who in addition to plumbing pools also did repairs and renovations. Since Filho already had experience as an engineer and had spent time on site with swimming pools, he took the license test and in 2021 created Fort Pools to build and renovate swimming pools.

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As the company grows, it continues to take on bigger and more complex jobs. Filho loves transforming his customers’ backyards, and helping them create happy moments as a family.

At the time of this interview, Fort Pools had 17 projects in process, “and every week we’re closing more,” Filho says. “God has been giving us a lot of opportunities, and we keep learning and growing. My favorite thing about the industry is the transformation we make in people’s homes.”

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