Gabby Palumbo

27 | Marketing director | Clear Comfort Water

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Marketing director
Clear Comfort Water
Boulder, Colorado

Fresh out of college, Palumbo joined Clear Comfort as a marketing specialist. Five years later, she’s the company’s director of marketing. She has led marketing efforts to help introduce a new, patented advanced oxidation (AOP) treatment technology to the pool and spa industry with an eye toward storytelling and educating around this new approach.

Palumbo has worked across all marketing channels for the company and has learned what customers are looking for. “More than ever before, pool and spa owners are finding products online, leaving them with an overwhelming amount of options to choose from,” she says. “Instead of leading with what the product is, pool and spa brands must focus on why the product will improve the customer’s life. Communicating and offering solutions that make owning a pool or spa an easier, healthier or more enjoyable experience will help companies stand the test of time in the digital age.”

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