PoolPro30Under40 DuaneWitter
PoolPro30Under40 DuaneWitter

Duane Witter

35 | Service technician supervisor | B&B Pools, Inc.

PoolPro30Under40 DuaneWitter
Pompano Beach, Florida
Service technician supervisor

Duane Witter had been out of a job for some time when he saw a Now Hiring sign on a B&B Pools truck. The company hired him in April 2007 as a warehouse helper. After Witter proved an honest and hard worker who put quality above everything else, he was promoted to pool service apprentice. Once he obtained his CPO certification, Witter spent the next 12 years as a residential pool service technician for the company, followed by two years as a commercial pool tech.

In 2019, his hard work and dedication to success were recognized, and he was promoted to service technician supervisor. “I’ve never left the company,” he says, “because I was looking for stability and a management team that respected, valued and cared about their employees, and that’s what they’ve shown me.”

Witter says he will continue to help grow and develop B&B Pools while spreading a message of quality over quantity and customer education. “I see too many drive-by pool guys who ruin pools because they don’t take the time to do things the right way or educate their clients,” Witter says. “An educated customer is your best customer. I would love to see the industry start moving toward that mindset.”

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