Jessica Ruckle

30 | Special Kit Lead | Taylor Water Technologies LLC

Jessica Ruckle
Special Kit lead

Blow molding refers to the process of melting plastic, putting it into a mold and then shaping it with compressed air. Most plastic bottles are formed this way, including products manufactured by Taylor Water Technologies, which makes water-testing kits. For Jessica Ruckle, blow molding was the first job she did at Taylor. In the years that followed, Ruckle says she was transferred to almost every other department in the factory, where she learned about operating the bottling machines, pull orders, programming and more.

After nine years, Ruckle earned a promotion to team leader in the special kit department, where she would learn how to blend chemicals.

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The job has helped Ruckle feel confident about her ability to learn and has ignited a passion for chemistry, which she intends to explore in college.

“I would like to leave my mark by creating safer ways to test water without them being so harmful to the environment,” Ruckle says. “I would like to be remembered for at least trying to make the world a safer place.”

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