Tim Bolden

36 | President | The Pool Butler LLC

Hiram, Georgia

In high school, Tim Bolden worked for a pool company, where he learned to build and maintain pools. “It was simply a way to earn extra cash after school,” he says. “I never could have imagined I would build a lifelong career in the industry.”

After graduation, Bolden joined the U.S. Navy and was stationed in Guam. Bolden says the experience developed his commitment and discipline for doing things the right way; appreciation for conducting tasks thoroughly and properly; and going above and beyond in his efforts.

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Upon exiting the Navy, a friend at SCP recommended Bolden to a pool builder who was looking to start a service department. He was hired and grew that department to over 300 weekly pools and 10 employees, whom he managed. Eventually, the owner of the company split the construction and service departments into two companies, offering Bolden a small ownership stake. In September last year, Bolden bought out his business partner and became the sole owner of The Pool Butler, also branching out into renovations.

Bolden is working to make The Pool Butler an appealing company to work for through offering health insurance, retirement plans and competitive wages. “I hope young professionals and students will begin seeing the swimming pool industry as a viable option for a fulfilling career,” he says. “I also hope to see the industry continually working toward a better future. We are proud that we have worked with our customers to install more ecological systems that have a positive environmental impact.”

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