Sarah Teveldal
Sarah Teveldal

Sarah Teveldal

38 | Owner/photographer | Flashpool Productions

Sarah Teveldal

Sarah Teveldal, 38

Sarah Teveldal, the creative behind Flashpool Productions, has carved a niche in the pool industry by combining her photography with aquatics. In 2009, while living and working in New Zealand, fellow photographer Sarah Alice Lee introduced her to underwater photography. In 2010, she established Flashpool Productions in Texas to offer underwater photography, a service that was a rarity.

Teveldal’s work spans a broad spectrum. She collaborates with swim teams and swim schools, delivering captivating underwater portraits while supporting nonprofit organizations such as Hope Floats. Her services extend beyond traditional underwater photography, encompassing underwater photo booths for pool parties, maternity shoots, mermaid makeovers and portrait sessions for individuals and families, even including four-legged friends. Her commercial portfolio includes music videos, pool product photography, swimwear shoots and work for pool designers, showcasing her versatility and expertise.

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Though Teveldal may not be a pool pro in the traditional sense, she shares a similar aim as other industry pros. “Working towards a common vision and creating something special using water and pools as our backdrop gets me excited every single time I go into a shoot,” she says.

Teveldal’s custom-built studio pool was finished in January. This new space enables her to undertake larger projects and attract prominent commercial clients. She aspires to venture into the film industry, capitalizing on Austin growing as a filmmaking hub.

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