Andrew May

29 | Owner | Triton Pool Service | Cumming, Georgia

Andrew May

Triton Pool Service
Cumming, Georgia

Andrew May used to work in the automotive industry, traveling to auto shows as a product specialist, presenting for brands like Toyota, and as a performance driving coach for Porsche — which he still does when can find the time.

“The problem was, I always had to travel and I had a baby on the way,” May says. “I always wanted to start my own business, so I started looking for options.”

May called a friend who worked on pools and offered to work for him for free to learn the industry.May started Triton Pool Service in 2015, within a year of his introduction to the industry. He was committed to learning fast so he could have a successful business and be with his growing family. He earned his CPO and joined IPSSA and the Georgia Association of Pool Professionals.

“With the support of those experienced members and my very smart wife, I was able to completely quit my other jobs just before year two,” May says. He started by cleaning pools, then learned common repairs. Last year, a need in the area led him to start offering leak detection as well. Eventually, May bought the pool business that gave him his start, too. Now in its fourth year, Triton has 140 pools on route, has three additional service techs and a separate leak detection company.

“I hope to build a solid business that is known for quality and honesty, and to raise the bar for what the average customer expects from a pool service,” May says. “I never could have imagined the amount of training, time and experience it takes to maintain a pool and its equipment properly. I hope to leave the industry in a way that customers understand and appreciate what it takes.”

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