Amanda Annis

34 | President | Ohio Pools & Spas

North Canton, Ohio

As the third generation in her family’s business, Amanda Annis grew up in pool retail and service. Her first Ohio Pools & Spas job was sweeping warehouse floors and stocking shelves, and most of her high school years were spent at the sales counter and testing water.

Annis left to attend college and returned seven years later. “I filled in anywhere there was a need, from marketing to purchasing and assisting my dad, the president of the company,” she says. When her father died in 2019, she continued his legacy.

Ohio Pools & Spas has received several Dealer of the Year awards from hot tub manufacturers from 2016 to 2019, and was awarded Best of 2021 Mayfield Heights Swimming Pool Supply Store. Annis says she’s experienced an outpouring of support these last two years from peers and mentors both in and outside the pool and spa industry.

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“I’m excited for our future in the industry,” Annis says. “I see continued customer demand, growth and product development. I have great hope that the water wellness business will continue to grow and evolve.”

Amanda Annis’ Mentor

Mike Dunn
former executive vice president, Watkins Wellness

“Mike has given me guidance in all things business and leadership,” Annis says. “During one of our first mentor/mentee meetings, I shared my goals for the year with Mike, and he quickly challenged me to show him the numbers of exactly how I was going to achieve those goals in the timeframe I set. He challenges me to not only think big and set the bar high, but also to always back up my assertions and goals with a solid plan. I have learned from Mike that a solid strategy with excellent execution is everything, and to always know and live by my values. Every time we talk, Mike always asks what I’m doing for fun and reminds me to keep a good work/life balance. Mike has set an exceptional example of professional success lived with integrity and dedication; he means a whole lot to me.”

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