Jacob Stankowitz
Jacob Stankowitz

Jacob Stankowitz

30 | Pool service technician | Pinch a Penny

Jacob Stankowitz
Pool service technician

Jacob Stankowitz, 30

Jacob Stankowitz, a seasoned pool service technician currently working with Pinch A Penny, is more than just an industry professional — he’s carrying forward a family tradition.

“This was something I grew up around,” he reflects. From a young age, he accompanied his father, Rudy Stankowitz — a well-known CPO instructor and host of the Talking Pools podcast — on his workdays, gradually taking on more responsibilities. “My dad is my world,” he says. “He brought me into this industry and taught me everything I know. I’m grateful he gifted me such a great work ethic at a young age because it’s really helped me out in my adult life.”

Today, he works as a service technician, primarily maintaining a route while occasionally turning green pools crystal clear. He considers chemicals and customer relations his specialty.

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Stankowitz sees his role as not just cleaning pools but making them safe for people. “Seeing it as not just a job and knowing it’s essential helps me sleep at night,” he says. This perspective fuels his commitment to the pool industry.

 “The more you know, the harder it is to fail,” he says. Stankowitz aspires to become an industry expert, expanding his understanding of every facet of pool maintenance.

He hopes to see change in the industry around the perception of being “just a pool person.” He believes there’s a complex science behind everything in the industry, and he would like to see a greater appreciation for the depth of knowledge and expertise it requires.

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