PP22 6 Web Feature30Under40JoeDiAnnaJr.
PP22 6 Web Feature30Under40JoeDiAnnaJr.

Joe DiAnna Jr.

37 | Vice President/Mulit-Media Specialist | Primate Pool Tools

PP22 6 Web Feature30Under40JoeDiAnnaJr.
Joe DiAnna Jr.
Vice President/Mulit-Media Specialist

Working in the pool industry you often wear many hats — plumber, electrician, laborer — but not many add manufacturing to that list. At least not all at the same time. 

Joe DiAnna Jr.’s father, Joe DiAnna Sr., has owned his pool service company, J DiAnna Pool & Repair, for more than 30 years. DiAnna Jr. has been his lead tech for the past 14 years, managing their commercial pool accounts. “Along the way,” he adds, “we had the idea of creating a new market for a high-performance pool service pole made of carbon fiber.”

The DiAnnas used their experience in maintenance and pool routes to develop and test what became the Primate Pole series. DiAnna Jr. still manages their commercial route and continues to test their poles in the field: “I love being able to say I work outdoors and with other pool professionals,” he says. “Some of the best business-minded and most humble people I’ve met in my life have come from the pool industry. For me, being outside in the sun and fresh air beats an office job any day.”

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That perspective also gives DiAnna Jr. and Primate Pool Tools special insight into what professionals require to get the job done. 

“Being the best in our field requires education and dedication to growing one’s skills in multiple fields,” he says. “So when it came to investing in the development of a better-performing tool that will make a pool man’s job easier, I was happy to jump onboard that venture.” The development of the Primate Pole was founded on a commitment to raise the bar for durability in the pole market, but also to help make life easier for the industry workers, DiAnna Jr. says.

He hopes others have noticed. “I feel as though we have influenced the industry,” DiAnna Jr. says, “to realize most pool professionals will pay more for quality products they can trust.”

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