Chet and Aly Goudy

36 & 34 | Owners | Goudy Pools | Severna Park, Maryland

Chet and Aly Goudy

36 & 34
Goudy Pools
Severna Park, Maryland

Aly Goudy remembers the day her boyfriend called to asked if she wanted to lifeguard at the pool he managed. A college freshman, Aly thought mixing work and romance was a bad idea, but she took the job. Fifteen years and two kids later, Aly and Chet Goudy still work side by side in the industry.

Chet Goudy’s relationship with pools began in a summer swim league at age 4 until he was 18. He went on to become a lifeguard, a swim coach, a commercial pool manager and then began servicing residential pools in 2006. His senior year in college, he started a small pool company and saw a promising career ahead.

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Aly and Chet swam NCAA Division 1 for Towson University and married in 2008. Aly was already working for Goudy Pools part-time and went full time in 2012. She handles most managerial tasks.

The Goudys focus on tasks customers can’t perform themselves; otherwise they’ll send customers videos so they can clean their own filters and give free advice over FaceTime. “By the time our kids take over, I’m sure they will be remotely monitoring even more closely with ways of doing business we can’t even imagine,” Aly says.

Chet also wants to elevate the customers’ expectations of what a pool professional should be. “Pool techs are not all teenagers with a summer job,” he says. “The better educated, experienced and professional we can be, the better we can fill needs in our community.”

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