Brad Dieterich

36 | Owner | Paradise Pool & Patio

Brad Dieterich has seen the good and the bad working in the pool industry. In his first job, he started as a laborer, working his way up until he was under the owner, with no more advancement options. Though the company was a good builder, Dieterich then wanted to move into 3D design — and they weren’t interested. So he taught himself and ended up getting a sales and design job in New York.

In New York, he found the opposite problem — a focus on the flash without backing it up. “I got to design million-dollar projects, but the build quality was just not there,” Dieterich says. He went back home and tried to blend the two companies he’d worked for into a single vision: A company utilizing tech and 3D designs while still staying small enough, “where our ethics are still more important than every single dollar,” he says.

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As he continues to build that dream, he hopes success comes not just with financial stability, but also with the time and money to support water safety and swim lessons. 

“Water safety is still ignored in Ohio,” Dieterich says. “I would love to increase awareness and help kids learn the valuable skill of swimming.”

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