Danielle Bahr

37 | Director | Swimming Pool Pro Alliance, Inc.

Danielle Bahr, 37

From a young age, Danielle Bahr was immersed in the world of pools, her childhood memories shaped by the sights and sounds of her family’s pool supply business. 

“I can remember being 4 years old, my eyes barely looking over the counter on my tippy toes as my dad ordered cases of chlorine and acid from his supply house,” she recalls. “I was born with pool water in my blood.”

Those early experiences fostered a lifelong connection to the industry and a work ethic instilled by her parents. At 17, Bahr launched her direct sales company catering to pool professionals’ needs.

Her path took a new turn at 18 when she began working in the insurance industry. Over the next eight years, she garnered invaluable insights, recognizing a void in the market for tailored insurance solutions for pool and spa professionals. She set out to create an alternative that would champion the needs of the industry.

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After a year of relentless effort, she successfully orchestrated a unique insurance policy through the Swimming Pool Pro Alliance that met the needs of pool professionals. “It’s weird to look back and think that I was just this young 26-year-old girl with a passion for protecting the industry and a dream of building an alliance of pool professionals,” Bahr says. “I can still remember nervously standing in this board room [with] just me in front of these bald businessmen in suits and ties. It was one of those now or never moments.”

The program has come so far since that day, she says. A few years ago, she formed Bahr Insurance Agency to broker policies in-house and offer better customer service, which is a pillar of her business — to keep members from feeling like just a number.

She started with a penchant for the industry and found success along the way. “Here I am ten years later: a wife, a mom of twins and a business owner,” she says. “Not a lot of people can say this about their job, but I have such a love and passion for what I do. I’ve found my niche.”

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