Jason Bryant

33 | Owner | Pool Works LLC | Brandon, Mississippi

Jason Bryant

Pool Works LLC
Brandon, Mississippi

Jason Bryant started working in the pool industry when he was 18, “extremely broke” and trying to work full time and attend college. It was exhausting, Bryant says. He became the retail manager at a local pool retail, service and construction company. Bryant worked there for eight years before going out on his own in 2013.

“With a growing family, I knew that I wanted to pursue a future that would guarantee financial stability,” Bryant says. “As well as, I’ll admit, a lot had to do with pride. But fast forward six short years and Pool Works is one of the fastest growing [pool] companies in the state [according to PoolCorp] with an outstanding reputation.”

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In addition to a retail store, Pool Works provides maintenance, service and construction.

“I’m proud that I’m not just an owner,” Bryant says. “I don’t sit behind the scenes while employees do the work. I will be knee deep in the mud, sweating and doing a little cussing to get the jobs done. I want to be a leader for my staff and help Pool Works grow and reach the heights I know it will.”

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