Connor Gibbs

24 | Client Care Manager | Gib-San Pools

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Client Care Manager
Gib-San Pools
North York, Ontario, Canada

Conner Gibbs is a third-generation pool professional — his grandfather started Gib-San Pools over 50 years ago.

“My journey started at the end of grade school,” Gibbs says. “I began painting fences, sweeping the yard and taking apart broken pool pumps for parts.” In the years to come, Gibbs would work in a variety of roles from shoveling concrete to assisting repair and installation technicians. “I learned a lot about pool equipment, water chemistry and client interaction,” he says.

After getting his driver’s license, Gibbs started on a weekly service route, a position he loved. “Having my own vehicle and the responsibility that came along with the upkeep of high-profile client pools was something that I looked forward to for a long time,” he says. “I became one of the guys, not simply a helper.”

Gibbs’ tasks would increase in complexity. After graduating from the University at Wilfried Laurier in Waterloo, Ontario, Gibbs became the client-care manager at Gib-San Pools.

Gibbs is working to advance efficiency and productivity for Gib-San Pools through emerging technologies and the up-and-coming generation of pool professionals. “My relationships with industry-leading manufacturers and pool builders around the world will lead to not only personal development,” he says, “but also continued development for Gib-San Pools as a leading-edge organization.”

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