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38 | Owner | Round Rock Pool Pros

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Round Rock Pool Pros
Round Rock, Texas

With zero experience in the pool industry, Justin Pinson bought a 39-pool route in 2014 and began spending all his extra time learning how pools worked and how to fix them. He joined the local IPSSA chapter “and had some great guys who helped me when I was new to the industry,” he says. He made sure all his customers were taken care of, knowing that if they were happy, they would tell their friends. “I never missed a phone call or opportunity for new work,” Pinson recalls.

In two years, Pinson more than doubled his route customers and hired a couple of employees. Initial growth was hard, he says, because finding reliable help proved tricky and he “couldn’t really afford decent work trucks,” he says. But he made it through and continued growing. “I have always tried to surround myself with other successful people in the industry,” he says, adding that since his first year of business, he has increased revenue 40% to 50% each year. “Right now we have more online reviews than anyone in the area,” he says.

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Round Rock Pool Pros now has 10 full-time employees offering service, repairs, remodeling, new construction and retail. Its new pool construction jumped from one pool a year in 2016 through 2019 to a projected 20-plus this year — and at least that many remodels, Pinson says.

“When I first started — financing a business I couldn’t afford — I never dreamed it was going to end up like this,” Pinson says. “I was just tired of working for other people and thought a pool route would be somewhere to start. I want to continue to grow my business and to be somewhere where people want to work and grow their career.”

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