Alex Diaz

38 | Owner | Peerless Pool Cover Care

Servicing and cleaning pool covers is a skill unto itself, and something Alex Diaz hopes to capitalize on. “[I want] to build a national brand, sparking a new service within the pool industry,” Diaz says. 

Diaz worked for a pool cover company in Santa Barbara, where he learned how to clean covers, and then how to service cover systems, eventually moving on to start Peerless Pool Cover, which cleans and services cover systems. His company takes dirty, old covers and makes them look brand new, helping his customers avoid large repairs by providing maintenance and updates. 

“We love our clients, and they value the quality of our work,” Diaz says, adding that he’d love a world where sparkling pools are no longer covered by dirty covers. “Leaving a legacy is something that inspired me to start the business.”

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