Gregory Balderaz

29 | Senior Repair Technician | Manning Pool Service

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Senior Repair Technician
Manning Pool Service

The pool industry first intrigued Gregory Balderaz in 2010, when he began working for a landscaping service company that also maintained pools. He ran a 50-pool service route there before moving on to a company that focused solely on pools. It was there that he learned the repair side of pool care, which he says was just as fascinating to him as maintenance. 

“Once [residential appliance installer] licensed, I loved being able to identify and diagnose any pool related-issue,” Balderaz says. “I find nearly any pool issue can be diagnosed and resolved with proper understanding of the situation.”

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After warranty training for both Hayward and Fluidra, Balderaz accepted a position with Manning Pool Service, a Pentair warranty station. “I’ve found my place,” he says. “I am treated as not only an employee but also family. MPS allowed me to really sink into pool repair and understand equipment.”

Balderaz worked his way up to senior repair technician at MPS and now holds classes for the company’s employees on small parts and diagnosing issues. He created biweekly tests for the repair department to keep the team sharp and give them opportunities to ask questions. He also offers one-on-one training to any MPS employee who wants it. “I see the potential my repair team has,” he says. “Our customer service and striving for perfection are second to none. I want to grow my team to include the best. And I’ll never leave the industry.”

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