Megan Walraven

38 | Owner | Walraven’s Pool Service Inc.

There’s always something new to learn when you work in the pool industry, Megan Walraven says — even with almost 20 years under her belt.

Walraven started her pool industry career in 2003, working a summer job at Beattie Master Pool and Spa in Saginaw, Michigan. Sixteen years later, she moved on from that summer position to start Walraven’s Pool Service with her husband, Matt. The couple already had experience working together since they both had spent many years at Beattie Master Pool. Matt had worked his way up to service manager, and Megan had gone from a sales associate to general manager. 

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At their company, the Walravens strive to provide concierge-level service to customers, even if customers don’t always perceive them that way. “I wish we were viewed as a skilled trade,” Walraven says. “We do so many different things — electrical, plumbing, concrete, tile, chemistry — yet we’re just considered ‘pool guys.’ ”

But with every day and every backyard bringing something different, Walraven loves her job.

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