PoolPro30Under40 KelliClancy
PoolPro30Under40 KelliClancy

Kelli Clancy

36 | Owner and operator | Legacy Pool & Spa

PoolPro30Under40 KelliClancy
Carmichael, California
Owner and operator

When Kelli Clancy started her pool service company, Legacy Pool & Spa, she knew education was going to be important. She’d grown up in the pool industry, helping with her parents’ store, route and repairs, and worked at Leslie’s for a season during college. She joined her local IPSSA chapter right away to learn as much as she could, and networked with pool service people and manufacturers. She quickly went from member to volunteer, serving as the chapter board secretary and president.

“I hope our industry can continue to push the education of its members,” Clancy says. “I also hope to see the continued acceptance of women servicers. We have come a long way, but there still is a stigma that women face daily from their male counterparts.”

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Clancy worked with fellow female service pro Janet Reed to set up education classes specifically for women, including a Facebook group for female pros. “We offer two in-person, hands-on trainings a year during the fall and winter,” Clancy says. The education is also streamed so those outside northern California can attend.

“My educational background mixed with my pool industry profession is what got me to want to help women be the biggest asset to their customers and community,” Clancy says. “I allow [fellow female service pros] to call, message, email and text [me with questions]. If I do not have an answer, I find it for them.”

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