Billie Jean Parrish

30 | Office Manager | Blue Desert Pools

Billie Jean Parrish
Office Manager

Billie Jean Parrish seems to be the dictionary definition of a people person. That was true during the 10 years she spent as a hairstylist and it remained true after she switched to a career in an administrative role for a pool business. One might think she’d spend most of her time glued to a computer monitor, not making new friends, but Parrish finds a way. 

The switch to the pool industry happened after her husband, Colin, had opened Blue Desert Pools, a service and repair business in 2020.

“I was immersed in a new lifestyle,” Parrish says. About a year after the startup, she and Colin Parrish decided her role would be to support the financial aspects of their nascent business as office manager.

It could also be argued that she is the company’s unofficial spiritual guide, as she sees her faith-based approach as a notable part of the business’ success. This faith is also the inspiration for Blue Desert Pools’ belief that it should look out for the interests of other pool businesses in addition to its own.

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“One of our main focuses is not only to better ourselves, but to better our industry,” Parrish says. “By openly offering expertise to those around us and mentoring other pool business owners, the cultivation of a more united industry has begun.”

According to Parrish, the pool industry is more than just a way to pay the bills, but an opportunity to bring both clients and employees a better quality of life. “We are creating a clean and peaceful environment for our clients, and that brings me joy,” Parrish says. “The goal of the work we are putting in now is to create a solid foundation for our employees. We want to provide an environment that our employees are truly happy to work in.”

In time, Parrish says she hopes to see other businesses follow the example set by Blue Desert Pools, by agreeing to work with each other as opposed to against one another. “I would love to see every pool business owner conduct business with value in their work,” she says, “and the ability to see their peers as people they would reach a hand out to help.”

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