Dominque Hough

36 | Production Kit Team Lead | Taylor Water Technologies LLC

Dominque Hough
Production Kit Team Lead

In the post-pandemic zeitgeist in which “quiet quitting” and labor shortages rule the narrative, Dominique Hough’s perspective on her position at Taylor Water Technologies might sound old fashioned. “I see [myself] working at Taylor long-term, because I don’t think of it as just a job. I think of it as my career,” Dominique says. “I enjoy what I do.”

Hough serves as production kit team lead. While she may be in a leadership position, Hough sees herself as a team player who likes working with others. “I am known for my incredibly dominant people skills,” Hough says. “I’ve been told that I influence people to follow me without conveying authority and that brings out the good in them.” 

Those talents may come in handy as she aspires to join her company’s management team, which would mean working alongside the person her people skills have arguably worked the best on: her husband, Taylor supply chain manager Eric Hough.

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“[He] has helped me be a valuable asset to Taylor,” she notes. 

“… He means the world to me, and his advice is highly appreciated

and accepted.” 

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