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PP23 6 Web 30U40Dustin Anderson

Dustin Anderson

39 | Owner | Precision Aquatics

Dustin Anderson, 39

Some pool pros follow family into the industry and say pool water flows in their veins, but Dustin Anderson ended up in it by chance.

In the early 2000s, Anderson was simply looking for a summer job. “[I had] no real reason to start in the pool industry,” he recalls. “I turned in an application to Taco Bell and Leslie’s on the same day, and [Leslie’s] called first.”

Starting in water testing, Anderson climbed the ranks to become a store manager at Leslie’s Pools by 2005. He subsequently joined a local service company, where he played a pivotal role in building a retail store and served as the service manager.

In 2007, looking for more independence, Anderson embarked on a new venture: Precision Aquatics, a commercial service and repair company based in San Diego.

Anderson may have gotten into the pool industry by chance, but it was his hard work and dedication that propelled his success. He loves the industry’s sense of community and the opportunity to forge deep connections with people. The industry has allowed him to build a business tailored to his vision, all while being present for his family, including his wife Jackie who works alongside him.

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As he envisions his future Anderson aims to expand Precision Aquatics, creating job opportunities.

“Contributing to the community we live and work in [is] a goal of mine,” he says. “I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I truly love my job.”

Anderson is also passionate about elevating industry standards, fostering professionalism and developing best business practices. He volunteers on the San Diego APSP board, which is dedicated to promoting education and professional development in the area. He desires provide the next generation of pool professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to run reputable, professional businesses.

“I want to be remembered for working to make the pool business better than when I found it,” he says. “I want to be remembered for giving career opportunities to people who are among the most talented in the biz.”

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