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PP22 6 Web Feature30Under40AlexanderJacobs 1

Alexander Jacobs

35 | Territory Sales Manager | United Aqua Group

Alexander Jacobs
Territory Sales Manager

Not many in the pool industry wear their World Series ring to trade shows, but Alexander Jacobs knows that such accomplishments matter to people, even if he himself considers such things secondary. 

“Titles and individual accomplishments are cool but in the whole scheme of things are meaningless to the greater good,” says Jacobs, who in 2001 found his own greater good in the relationships he has built working sales for United Aqua Group. Similar to his other job — coaching and scouting for professional baseball teams, the Houston Astros and Team Israel — Jacobs has found that since being promoted to East Coast territory sales manager, he must constantly be on the lookout for talented team members while inspiring the team he already has.

“Not only do I grow our membership, but I also help our owners fine-tune their operation with fresh ideas in regards to purchasing,” Jacobs says, which includes financials, succession planning, marketing, inventory and overall general management.

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For Jacobs, the pool industry isn’t about job titles, numbers or chasing symbolic rings, but about building relationships and celebrating each other’s accomplishments.

“I love the people in this industry,” Jacobs says. “Top down, everyone is so friendly. And the fact that every company owner, whether it be first, second, third or even fourth generation are all entrepreneurs, building their business from the ground up. Hearing everyone’s story is so inspiring.”

Jacobs has many goals, from learning more about chemistry in servicing a pool to helping his company adapt to technological changes. Most of all, he wants to be remembered as a good guy who “just so happens to be good at his job.” Win or lose, Jacobs is in it for the love of the game.

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