Laura Evans
Laura Evans

Laura Evans

35 | Marketing director | HASA/Orenda

Laura Evans
Marketing Director

Laura Evans, 35

Laura Evans, marketing director for HASA, is a dynamic force within the pool industry, devoted to water quality and sustainability.

In 2015, she began managing The Pool Surgeon, a family-owned pool maintenance company. Her role allowed her to understand the industry from the ground up, overseeing business operations and working closely with technicians to address homeowner concerns. This experience, coupled with her interactions with homeowners, provided her with a comprehensive perspective that would shape her future as both a pool professional and marketer.

After establishing herself in the maintenance-repair sector, Evans ventured into the chemical manufacturing space by joining Orenda Technologies. Here, she played a pivotal role in reshaping Orenda into an educational resource for the industry, aiming to change the way the world thinks about pool water.

In 2023, Orenda was acquired by HASA, so Evans currently manages marketing programs for both HASA and Orenda making her instrumental in driving initiatives toward safe, clean and clear water technology solutions.

Evans’ favorite aspect of working in the pool industry is the power of information to drive change. She thrives on creating content and cultivating relationships at trade events, inspiring people to adopt new perspectives and improve the industry through education.

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Evans points to mentorship as a key factor in her success, particularly in her relationship with Harold Evans, her father-in-law and former CEO of Orenda.

“His passion for the industry met with my drive and lit a flame of motivation that grew to form courage and discipline over the years,” she says. “It takes commitment to carry resilience when met with the many difficulties the pool industry faces, so you must surround yourself with the right people.”

Evans hopes to carry on a family legacy, but she also wants to inspire other women in the field.

“As a former Girl Scout, I forever hold the pledge to make the best of my circumstances, to be true to myself and develop my beliefs, to serve God and my community and to help other people,” she says. “My hope for a legacy is to forge an opportunity for future women in the industry by setting an example of what is possible.”

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