Matthew Scheppmann
Matthew Scheppmann

Matthew Scheppmann

32 | Senior web developer | The Get Smart Group

Matthew Scheppmann
Senior web developer

Matthew Scheppmann, 32

Matthew Scheppmann’s career began with managing e-commerce platforms and dealer marketing for a central home vacuum manufacturer, followed by working for a manufacturer of drum BBQs. His experience in the backyard recreation industry provided a foothold when he started in the pool industry as a web developer with The Get Smart Group.

Scheppmann loves nurturing client relationships and other industry professionals. He believes the pool industry contributes to overall wellness and recreation.

“Wellness is crucial to living a happy, healthy life,” he says. “I don’t see that ever going anywhere, which is why I see this as a long-term, sustainable career.”

Scheppmann has led some projects he believes add value to the industry, such as the Liner Visualizer and Pool Cost Estimator tools developed for Latham, as well as an innovative online opening/closing scheduler that integrates with Evosus. He has also worked on e-commerce integration tools to accept online orders and sync inventory from point-of-sale systems, enabling businesses to navigate challenges and sustain sales.

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He doesn’t plan to stop any time soon — he is dreaming big, envisioning a tech-driven future.

From simplified service scheduling and real-time updates to cutting-edge visualization tools using AR/VR for pool builders, he wants to usher in a new era of efficiency and convenience.

“I want to develop more tools for the industry that simplify the sales process for dealers and improve buying experiences for consumers, all while giving back the thing that we could all use more of — time,” he explains.

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