Jeff Martens

30 | Owner | Geneva Pool Service

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Geneva Pool Service
Batavia, Illinois

Jeff Martens entered the pool industry seasonally in 2011, helping customers with chemical and equipment purchases at an outlet store called In the Swim. He was promoted to the call center as a parts rep, taking phone calls from all over the country to help customers troubleshoot and locate parts for their pool systems.

From there, Martens was promoted to account manager for seven northwestern states, managing over 1,600 key accounts, including Marriott and Choice hotels. He started vacuuming pools in 2014 after clocking out from nine hours at the office. In 2016, he resigned from In the Swim and put everything into his company, Geneva Pool Service. He slowly built a customer base to over 200 accounts, four full-time employees and three trucks. He now pulls in close to $500,000 in annual revenue and continues to grow.

Martens hopes to become a premiere pool builder with three separate divisions to his company: New construction, service and leak detection (which Geneva will start offering in 2021). He wants to see his annual revenue reach $1 million.

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