Brittany Puryear

32 | Store Manager | Leslie’s Poolmart

PP20-5 Web 30U40BrittanyPuryear
Store Manager
Leslie’s Poolmart
Summerville, South Carolina

Brittany Puryear strives to bring in the most five-star Google/Yelp reviews possible to her company. Her nominator says, “Brittany is one who gets it. She had taken customer service back in time to the days when it was all providing a next-level customer experience. She may just have rediscovered the tool that enables an industry to not only compete with the internet but to do so on our playing field.”

Puryear continually partakes in training and stays up to speed on industry news. “I always strive to be the best version of myself, and be as helpful as I possibly can,” she says. “I keep up with industry trends, and, through the help of some mentors, learn something new every day.”

She hopes to one day become a CPO Certified Instructor. “I have an obsession with chemistry and how water works,” Puryear says. “I’ve developed some techniques along the way and would love to apply them in the field. Advancing my career is my goal.”

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