Arthur Schutzberg
Arthur Schutzberg

Arthur Schutzberg

28 | Head of U.S. sales | CCEI USA

Arthur Schutzberg
Head of U.S. sales

Arthur Schutzberg, 28

In late 2020, Arthur Schutzberg was living in a small apartment in Brooklyn, New York, facing the prospect of another pandemic lockdown through the cold winter. Feeling hopeless and uncertain, he headed west to Los Angeles.

 “Here, I knew that I would at least have the sun and the warmth of the beach to save me from the wreckage of 2020,” he says. “What I didn’t realize was the warm embrace of the pool industry was right behind.”

Schutzberg soon connected with family members from CCEI, a pool part manufacturing company based in France. Clara Baret and Pierre-Yves Flattot had been part of CCEI’s recent expansion into North America, including a Los Angeles-area location that opened in 2017. They approached Schutzberg to join the team and lead their U.S. sales efforts. 

In his role at CCEI, Schutzberg thrives on the diversity and complexity of the pool industry. He collaborates with various stakeholders, from builders and service companies to distributors and local communities. He believes the pool industry is the “intersection of innovation.”

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“It is one of the rare industries that brings the art of design, the alchemy of construction, the chemistry of water, electricity, plumbing, automation, shapeshifting and cutting-edge technology all into one vessel and backyard,” he explains.

Schutzberg wants to foster equitable opportunities within the pool industry. He champions initiatives like Every Child a Swimmer and advocates for giving back to underprivileged communities through accessible swimming facilities. He also hopes to be part of prioritizing eco-friendly and sustainable practices in the industry.

“I would like to continue to advocate for fresh, young perspectives — those second- and third-generation members of this community who will be taking the mantle of their family’s business and bringing it to its next chapter,” he says. “We are the battery that will continue to move this industry.”

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