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Parrot Bay Pools & Spas
Fayettville, North Carolina

Jamie Braddy and her husband started Parrot Bay because there were no companies building fiberglass pools in their area. “It was a long road to convince people that fiberglass may be better for them over a vinyl pool,” Braddy says. They started the company out of their garage and have grown to two retail stores and construction in 18 counties in eastern North Carolina. They are expanding to a larger facility so the construction segment can store more pools and “continue to better supply clients with the best fiberglass pools,” Braddy says.

Growth has allowed the company to give back to both the community and their employees. Parrot Bay donates a well to a family in an underdeveloped country for every pool they build and have sponsored a toy run for the local children’s hospital. “Our business, although large now, still has a family feel,” Braddy says. “This industry has facilitated reaching every goal I had for myself, and I now get to step back and share that ability with our staff.”

Braddy is passionate about the industry collectively demanding higher prices, higher quality work and better wages. “No one wants to work this hard for average or less pay,” Braddy says. “Employees do not want to watch customers live their dreams while they build their pools. We have to find out what our employees’ dreams are and help them reach them, too. And frankly, a lot of that revolves around our employees having the financial resources to do so. All pool builders need to level up. We are in demand, and young people are not running into this industry. If we pay better, they will. Who wouldn’t want to make a great living while helping others build their dreams? I hope my future in the industry allows me to assist others to build their businesses and dreams.”

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