Mark Jones

31 | Owner/Pool Tech | Blue Street Pools

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Owner/Pool Tech
Blue Street Pools
New Orleans, Louisiana

Mark Jones told himself that he was young and smart enough to figure out how to maintain his own backyard swimming pool. It took him a full summer, he says, to understand the basics: He made a lot of mistakes and asked a lot of questions at the local pool store.

In 2017, Jones’ neighbor asked him who serviced his swimming pool. “I told him I did,” Jones says. “He said he would pay me what he was paying the last guy and [that] I didn’t have to worry about buying chemicals because he would provide them. I didn’t have to think twice. DEAL! And the rest is history.”

Still a one-man-show, Jones’ ambitions for his business include building pools and opening a local pool store within five years to bring jobs to people in his community. Right now, he says, the area where he services pools and lives doesn’t have a local pool store. “I have to travel more than 30 minutes,” he says, “just to pick up chemicals.”

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