30 Under 40 Tips

You've been nominated, so what now?

The information you send us in the form is how we determine who will be one of our 30 Under 40, so besides being nominated it’s the most important step! Here are a few tips:

  • 1) Let your personality shine through — we want to know what makes you unique, so no need to be super buttoned up or formal. And we know it’s you talking about yourself (it’s weird, we know) but no need to fill it out in the third person.
  • 2) Give us more than a few words to work with — unfortunately we don’t learn much about you if you don’t answer the questions in full sentences. Plus, we want people who are excited about being one of our 30 Under 40. Answering in a couple words vs. sentences reminds us too much of the dinner table with monosyllabic teenagers.  
  • 3) The picture matters — we don’t need (or necessarily want) professional headshots (if you’ve got them, cool), but we do need an image that’s high enough resolution we can print it, and we need to see your face! Your favorite profile pic is probably fine to send, but don’t grab it from the web. Go back and get the original on your phone and upload that version instead. Action or on-the-job shots are super, as long as we can see who you are.
  • 4) We’ve got you on the grammar — don’t let feeling insecure about your writing keep you from filling out the information. Some of us have advanced degrees in writing and even we wouldn’t let something we’ve written be printed without editing. The editing is our job! Be as clear and concise as you can, tell your story and let us do the rest.

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