Big Innovation Comes in the Industry’s Smallest Footprint*

Hayward's Universal HC Series Dual-Fuel Technology Heater


Pound for pound, the Hayward® Universal HC Series Heater is jam-packed with more innovation than anything else on the market. As the industry’s smallest footprint heater* — engineered for both superior performance and servicer ease — UHC Series is the perfect choice for smaller pool pads and tight backyard spaces. All in all, the advanced dual-fuel heater just fits better — onto servicer trucks, into pool pads and within consumer budgets.

Maximum performance, minimum size

On first glance of the unit, it’s tough to miss the Universal HC Series’ compact size. For starters, it doesn’t have any odd-shaped inlets or bulky headers, making use of space far more efficiently than competitive models. In terms of physical size, UHC Series measures just 21-by-28 inches (590 square inches)—significantly smaller than the nearest competitor’s physical dimensions of 25-by-32 inches (800 square inches).

Impressed? You should be. But hold on, because it gets even better. After all, when it comes to the Universal HC Series heater’s dramatic footprint reduction, the smaller physical frame is only part of the equation.

The other part is the unit’s zero wall clearance requirement. Yep, you read that right: zero.

The Universal HC Series is equipped with a unique vertical discharge system that safely eliminates heat, even while the unit is placed directly against a wall, fence or other pad unit. While other heaters waste valuable pad space requiring up to a foot of wall clearance, UHC Series can operate at its full 400k BTU/hr. capacity without any clearance at all.

Big picture? Between the smaller product dimensions and the complete lack of wall clearance, the UHC Series requires only 590 square inches of total pad space. Compare that to the next smallest heater’s total footprint (928 square inches), and it’s not hard to see why UHC Series’ small size is cause for big excitement. Bottom line: it’s the perfect match for small pads and tight areas.

Clever design with a twist

As you may have already gathered, the Universal HC Series’ smaller size is due in large part to its clever usage of internal space. This do-more-with-less philosophy is apparent in just about every corner of the heater’s interior, but let’s look at just two aspects of it.

First, UHC Series is built to run on either liquid propane or natural gas, and both fuel types enter the unit from the singular easy-out mixing orifice. Beyond that initial flexibility, switching fuel types on the fly is as easy as a simple quarter-turn twist of the valve. The versatile design makes in-field propane conversion easier than ever for servicers, and it also helps dealers and installers simplify their catalog with just one do-it-all heater.

Second, access to all of UHC Series’ high-use internal components (gas shutoff, voltage selection, plumbing direction, etc.) have been moved from the side of the unit to the top. And while this is certainly significant in terms of further reducing the product size, the auxiliary benefit is far more exciting: A top-mounted panel eliminates the need for crouching or kneeling in order to service the unit. If that benefit alone doesn’t have you jumping for joy, it can only be because years of crouching have rendered your knees physically unable to leap.

Made for the trade

In addition to the unit design, size and fuel flexibility, many other UHC Series features have been specifically engineered to provide substantial quality-of-life improvements for members of the trade. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other features that make Universal HC Series the ideal heater choice for installers and servicers alike:

  • A patented butterfly bypass valve that enables flow rates of up to 125 GPM, without requiring any additional accessories
  • Exclusive plumbing adapters that eliminate the need to cut the pipes, even when replacing third-party heaters
  • A premium cupro nickel heat exchanger that extends heater performance by resisting corrosion and natural wear

And, of course, it’s also great for consumers — delivering superior heating performance and low-emission efficiency. But after seeing everything else that Universal HC Series has in its arsenal, standout capability shouldn’t as a surprise. All in all, there’s a whole lot to love with this advanced dual-heater. It’s one giant leap for heater innovation, and one ultra-small unit footprint.

*Among leading competitive brands

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