Rudy Hablewitz

27 | Owner,Principal/Designer, Sales Consultant | ELEVATEDesign/Heinzt Pool and Spa

Rudy Hablewitz
Owner, Principal / Designer, Sales Consultant

For Rudy Hablewitz, owner of ELEVATEDesign, a design firm specializing in outdoor spaces, including pools, every day is an opportunity to push boundaries and to create something unique. 

Hablewitz studied landscape horticulture at Southern Illinois University and in 2017 began working for a pool company doing design work. “This was my first real opportunity to take my passion and apply it at a professional level,” he says. “I was modeling 3D design presentations and drafting 2D construction plans for both builds and permits.”

He went out on his own and now does pool design exclusively with Heintz Pool & Spa designing, selling and consulting on custom swimming pool projects, in addition to doing design work on other aspects for a handful of other contractors. Because every property is different, Hablewitz says, each client has a specific list of needs that must be met. 

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“My current goals are to keep improving on my skillset,” Hablewitz says, “to listen better to the client and to give them the best finished product possible.” 

He aims to continue to add unique and challenging projects to his portfolio while learning as much as he can. In the future, he aspires to be an independent designer/consultant, travel and bring his visions wherever they are requested.

“I see this profession as a career,” Hablewitz says, “because what better way to express myself creatively than to do it in a setting that revolves around high-end custom water shapes.”

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