Angela Moss

40 | Senior Product Manager | Poolcorp

Angela Moss
Senior Product Manager

Angela Moss traded pine trees for palm trees when she and her husband moved from Janesville, Wisconsin, to Corpus Christi, Texas, in 2014. But Moss, who had been working for her parents’ pool and spa business, Nelson’s HomeTowne Recreation, didn’t trade in that experience. Instead, she began working for Certified Pool and Spa as its general manager. “Hot tubs were an important category for both companies, which I loved,” Moss says. “I enjoyed not just selling hot tubs in the retail store, but the entire life cycle that it takes to create a successful hot tub program. From marketing, purchasing, accessories, following up on leads, the art of closing the sale and creating satisfied customers who send referrals.”

In 2016, Poolcorp hired her as its hot tub product manager, and eventually she also began managing grills, above-ground pools and now steel/vinyl and fiberglass pools. In 2021 she, along with her husband and two daughters, relocated from Texas to the company’s headquarters in Louisiana. 

“I truly love being a product manager,” Moss says. “Every day is an adventure. My goal is to continue to streamline processes and create support tools for our dealers. My overall focus is to ensure our customers have smooth, profitable seasons and continue to create an environment where they enjoy doing business with us.”

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Moss hopes other young professionals in the industry see the true career potential. The younger generations often come and go from the industry, she says, not recognizing the tremendous career opportunities the industry holds. “I know many people who started in a retail store, in service or in counter sales,” she says, “and now have … a thriving career or business.”

She’s trying to imbue that passion into her team at Poolcorp as well. “I have an amazing team that helps me provide our dealers with quality product, supply and support so they can thrive,” she says. “I want to add value in every relationship. I get so excited when I see other people win, and if I can do anything to help people be successful, I’m all in.”

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