Josh Himme

31 | Sales and project manager, Pool Division | Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes

Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
Sales and project manager, Pool Division

Josh Himme started as a laborer/helper at Professional Pool Services in 2013. After a couple of years at the full-service pool company, Himme knew he’d found an industry where he could thrive. He stayed at Professional Pool Services for five years, doing everything from running construction crews to service, sales, project management and basic design.

“I quickly built relationships with other builders, service companies, distributor reps and manufacturer reps, and began to build a solid name for myself,” Himme says. “I was clueless as to how the relationships I established then would pay off in years to come.”

After five years, Himme felt he’d outgrown his role and responsibilities at the family business. He ended up going to work for Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes, a general construction company where he established and structured its new pool division. “I essentially started a company within an existing high-end sales platform and systems,” Himme says. “Part of the job description was that I sell pool projects and manage them to completion.” Himme could finally sell the things he’d dreamed of selling, work with designers on what he’d dreamed of designing, and nurture relationships with contractors he’d previously known, plus provide them training and resources to grow their businesses.

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Business has boomed since he began three years ago, and gross sales are up almost 200%.

“I love the pool industry, as crazy and stressful as it is,” Himme says, adding that someday he’d like to start his own pool company “and truly leave my mark on the industry here in Pittsburgh.”

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