Lindsey Lawless

32 | Digital Marketing Manager | Hayward Holdings

Lindsey Lawless
Digital Marketing Manager

A millennial with a love of computers and competitive swimming since the age of 6, Lindsey Lawless says she absolutely loves getting to impact customers directly as digital marketing manager for pool equipment manufacturer Hayward Holdings

“I am committed to providing the best digital experience for all our customers, whether it be distribution partners, builders and servicers or end consumers,” she says. Before joining Hayward, the San Diego native worked with home improvement brands like Black+Decker and Lowe’s.

Lawless believes the pool industry has been relatively slow to embrace the era of apps and automations. Her job, as she sees it, is to help her company be more prepared to work with newer and younger customers who are closer to her own age.

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Part of that preparation means helping people understand the digital age is not a cold and unfeeling one where decisions are made by algorithms and a series of ones and zeros — but one that is just as people-driven and emotionally affected as the pool industry itself. 

“My favorite part of the pool industry has been the people and their passion,” she says. “It is a very tight community of people who love to create experiences and have an emotional impact on improving people’s lives around water.”

Similarly, she believes a well-made app or website should resonate with users. “[I want to build] new digital experiences for our customers and offer new capabilities that begin to connect with the more experiential and emotional connections people have with their pools,” Lawless says. “I want to really offer the new millennial pool owners connected pool experiences from the moment they start researching online.”

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