Erik Taylor

36 | Owner | Chlorine King Pool Service

Chlorine King Pool Service
Seminole, Florida

Erik Taylor was working six and seven days a week at a jewelry store when his best friend took him out on a couple of pool service jobs. Taylor says he fell in love with the industry, saw potential in it, and started Chlorine King Pool Service immediately. For several months, Taylor continued working at the jewelry store while he put together his company website, built SEO strategies and learned all he could about the pool service industry, all the while never needing a loan. In 2016, Chlorine King Pool Service accepted its first client.

Since that time, Taylor has gained experience in the field and through training in water chemistry and installations of everything from lights to automation systems. “I believe no one can ever learn enough,” he says. “Knowledge is power, especially in this industry, so I am constantly trying to better myself through reliable resources.”

Taylor shares what he’s learned with others through his YouTube channel (which has about 240 videos) and The Chlorine King Pool Service Show, a podcast for pool professionals.

“I want to educate and empower people to be the best they can be, so one by one we can lift the industry as a whole,” Taylor says. “My goal is for all of us to be seen on the same level as an electrician or plumber.”

Taylor says he has received countless emails, phone calls and texts from his YouTube subscribers. “I love helping the pool professional succeed,” he says.

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