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Taylor Technologies

The team at Taylor Technologies includes a number of young professionals poised to grow the company and industry. Here’s what they had to say
about each other.

Josh Mauler
Assembly manager

In his 17-plus year career at Taylor, Josh has become known as a leader and problem solver. He values integrity and trust, both of which are exhibited in his work ethic. He is unwavering in his commitment to quality and will always put in the extra work to ensure the job is done right.

Caroline Hanna
Manager of software development

Caroline ensures software is successful in all facets. She maintains software assets and recruits programmers. She is a kind, inclusive and attentive manager. She maintains relationships with programmers and developers and ensures they have the tools needed to thrive.

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Tori Arbaugh
Content marketing coordinator

Tori is a team player and always available to lend a helping hand. She started at Taylor in the customer service department, and transitioned into the marketing department where she’s able to put her journalism degree to use. She creates marketing content, manages Taylor’s social media presence and reviews/edits a variety of material.

Mary McAllister
Distribution and warehouse manager

Mary is a tenacious and encouraging leader. Her charismatic and energetic nature make her a joy to be around. She coordinates all warehouse activity and ensures operational excellence. Her longstanding career at Taylor has positioned her in multiple departments, and she has shined bright in each one.

Ben Cooper
Production coordinator

Ben is a great asset to Taylor. He excels in his position, where he is responsible for prioritizing and expediting production jobs. He coordinates stock flow and assures everybody has the parts they need to make a great product. He’s a team player, a friendly face and a hard worker, working his way up the ladder over his less than three-year career at Taylor.

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