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MeganKendrick-BWA fresh take on an old gripe has me thinking

Have you ever talked with someone whose attitude changes your perspective on a problem? That happened to me when I was talking to Michael Henson, owner of pH Pool Care in Arkansas. We were having a lengthy discussion about how he sources his product, including the challenges of competing with online pricing, when Henson said this:

“I see the manufacturers’ side of it. They’re wanting to sell their product. If they’ve got a company that sells on the Internet, and they’re willing to buy a large number of their units at a time and inventory it — well, they’re going to sell to them.”

And there it is. Henson wasn’t saying it was easy or that he was particularly happy about it, but instead of being angry or bitter, he sees it as part of doing business. A challenge to overcome. A call to find ways to differentiate his company.

The industry is changing. A solid economy and growing sales will make those changes and innovations come even more rapidly. You will directly benefit from some changes and directly compete against others. Instead of being overcome with resentment at what may feel like an unfair advantage, try to embrace it: The way you choose to approach a challenge will affect how creative or resourceful your solutions will be.



Megan Kendrick, managing editor


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