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andy says pros are missing out on big benefit of its iQPump01

Jandy’s iQPump01, on the market since 2016, is a pump controller that makes it possible to control any Jandy pump from a smart device. But Jack Pogosayn, owner of Backyard Pools, a service company based in Pasadena, California, says pool pros aren’t taking advantage of the dry contact that lets you use the iQPump to control another piece of equipment.

Any of Jandy’s 2.7 variable-speed pumps have a relay on the tail that can be used to power other pieces of equipment, the relay engages when the pump hits 1725 rpms, starting up the other piece of equipment. “We’re taking a pump controller and making it more like automation, because you’re not just controlling that pump anymore, you’ll be able to control other types of equipment,” says Christina Blakeslee-Sexton, product manager for automation and digital controls at Zodiac.

For example, a pool-sweep pump cannot work without the main pump first working, Pogosayn says. When the pool-sweep pump is connected through the variable-speed pump and the variable-speed pump has generated enough water flow — and has gotten to a certain speed — it will now close the contact. “Almost like a light switch in the house, but it’s more automated,” he says.

“It’s just like setting up an alarm clock,” Blakeslee-Sexton says. “You set one that’s very low for your general filtration services, which is below when that relay closes. Then you can speed it up if you need it for a cleaning cycle, so your booster pump engages.”

The end user can set up new schedules in their app, and control their salt chlorinator, pool cleaner or other piece of equipment that ideally just runs on or off. The iQPump also has some features that make things easier for technicians and installers. It can mount anywhere, so you don’t have to squeeze into a tight space or get down on your knees to work on it. You can direct connect to it, so you don’t have to know a customer’s Wi-Fi password to get it set up. “They can actually connect to it and make their program changes and they don’t have to bother the homeowner,” Pogosayn says.

Pogosayn calls it a “sophisticated timer” that “allows the pump to change speeds and run at given hours and you can turn it on via smartphone or tablet, so it’s really convenient.”

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It’s an entry-level automation option for customers who don’t need, can’t afford or don’t want a full-blown automations system.

“Pool pros are going out to homes, and these homeowners are looking at variable-speed pumps for energy efficiency,” says Blakeslee-Sexton. “As you upgrade to a variable-speed pump, you need a more sophisticated control mechanism to really get the value out of that variable-speed pump.”

Clients who don’t like going where there’s spiders and it’s dark can now turn on their pool pump this way, Pogosayn says. “Or maybe they have water features, they have company over and those water features don’t always run,” he adds. “They can turn them on from the phone.”

Pogosayn particularly likes to pair the iQPump with the Jandy VS PlusHP pump. The Trade Series pump isn’t sold online, so it “makes it easy for me to sell to the homeowner,” he says. “Plus, it’s sophisticated. You don’t have to get on your knees to control it.”


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