Frank Wall Enterprises Offers New Liner Tools

Frank Wall Enterprises released a new Liner Mule for pool liner repairs and installations. Once hooked, the device pulls the pool liner bead straight up with the bead pointing toward the track for easy re-insertion into the pool liner track. The tool is designed to help pool professionals perform this task with less time and strain.

Additionally, Frank Wall Enterprises offers new Liner-Sure, an innovative pool liner bead lock designed with a unique profile to ensure pool liners will not fall out of the track. Unlike industry-standard bead-lock, Frank’s Liner-Sure was created for easy install on pool corners and in areas where pool liners are prone to slip out of the coping track due to stress. This product can be easily cut to any desired length, providing a nice trimmed look at the liner bead and a tight fitting pool liner, so it blends seamlessly into the swimming pool liner and looks like a nice piece of decorative trim below the coping. Liner-Sure is available in white, blue, black or gray to match any vinyl pool liner pattern.

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