Orenda app releases major update

Fairview, Texas-based Orenda Technologies released a major update to its popular mobile app, Orenda, in late June.

The app serves as a swimming pool chemical dosing calculator, allowing users to easily measure a pool’s Langelier Saturation Index (LSI), and also features educational resources like blogs, procedures and videos. With the 3.0 update, the app now has more customization options to allow users to select their preferred chlorine and acid types, as well as take into account what the company refers to as “secondary factors,” so that users can better predict where their water chemistry will be overtime.

These secondary factors include displaying a user’s carbonate alkalinity, pH ceiling and future alkalinity. “The secondary factors are displayed as an option so that a user can see where their alkalinity will be next week,” says Eric Knight, a representative for the tech developer, which also serves as a swimming pool chemical manufacturer and water chemistry education company. “They can see how high the pH will naturally rise as it loses CO2, thanks to physics.”

Other new features included with the Orenda version 3.0 update:

•An option for including borates in the LSI equation.

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•A cleaner user interface with hyperlink descriptions.

•A rearranged calculator to show chlorine and phosphates do not factor into the LSI

•A brand-new help center for FAQs and guidance with the app

The update also addressed minor bugs that have been brought to the attention of the company. “It would take us months to find the amount of little bugs that our users found within days. We could not possibly replicate every use case, and we are grateful to our users for their patience and feedback,” says Knight. “The support from our users has been nothing short of remarkable, and they are part of our team to make this app great. ” The updated app can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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